2020-2021 Social Committee Report

In an effort to build relationships and solidarity across campus, the UPEIFA Social Committee typically organizes regular events for our membership throughout the academic year. Given COVID-19 protection measures, we had significantly less events than in past years. The events we did organize occurred largely online and required innovative ways of bringing members together while also keeping them apart. Winners of the FA Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals as well as recipients of the FA Entrance Scholarship were honoured at a special online FA time this year.

Thanks go out to this year’s committee members: Pamela Bastante, Laurie Brinklow, Michelle Evason, Raquel Hoersting, Martha Mellish, and Jim Sentance.

And a special thanks goes out to Ashley Hansen and Charlene VanLeeuwen for keeping our members engaged during these challenging times.

by Michael Arfken (Co-Chair)