Negotiations 2022

Negotiations Status:

UPEI Faculty Members voted (98%) to ratify a tentative agreement.

Updated: April 14, 2023

A list of Bargaining Mandates including: 1) Ensuring that FA Members are treated fairly and provided with the supports they need to flourish as teachers, librarians, researchers, and clinicians. Creating a culture of accountability by making transparency a cornerstone of how we operate as a post-secondary institution. 2) Making sure that FA members are involved in academic decisions that shape the trajectory of our institution. 3) Indigenization across the institution. 4) Preserving Educational Quality. 5) Securing superior working conditions to improve our students' learning experience. 6) Normalizing contract academic staff by providing additional support for contract academic staff including opportunities for more secure employment. 7) Investing in FA members to raise the teaching and research profile of our institution through by increasing research supports. 8) Recover lost real wages and protect against future inflation. 9) Pay equity for contract academic staff.
Bargaining Team
  • Margot Rejskind (Sessional Instructor) – Lead Negotiator
  • Melissa Belvadi (Robertson Library) 
  • Stephanie Hamilton (AVC, Companion Animals)
  • Rebecca Reed-Jones (Applied Human Sciences)
  • Jason Stevens (Economics)
  • Kathy Snow (Education) – On Leave
  • Greg Doran (English) – On Leave
  • Andy Trivett (Engineering) – On Sabbatical
Additional Documents