As your certified bargaining agent, the UPEIFA negotiates the terms and conditions of employment for our two bargaining units. The Association also defends your individual and collective interests through engagements with the Employer as well as through the use of the formal grievance process. And, the Association and its delegates represent your interests on a collection of University committees, ranging from pension to occupational health and safety, from equity, diversity and inclusion to health benefits.

The FA is committed to supporting you on a daily basis. We provide answers to questions, listen carefully to your concerns, help you to consider options and problem-solve, offer support to you through a variety of University processes, and advocate on your behalf.
The Association also celebrates the achievements of our academic community through the provision of student scholarships and awards, and through member awards for teaching, scholarly endeavour, and service. Additionally, we help to build our sense of community and solidarity through social events, guest speakers, membership meetings, and digital communications.

We know universities are essential contributors to the public good. Members of the UPEI Faculty Association work hard to foster critical and creative thought, create new forms of knowledge and technology, address social challenges and opportunities, and educate students for global citizenship in the 21st century. Our members make positive contributions to Island society, and far beyond.