Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching

About the Hessian Award

The University of Prince Edward Island’s Hessian Merit Awards for Excellence in Teaching honour faculty members who are recognized as possessing outstanding competence in teaching. These awards publicly acknowledge individuals whose work has contributed to instructional excellence at UPEI.


  1. Nominees must be full-time faculty at UPEI who are teaching (i.e., not on sabbatical) during the semester in which
    they are nominated.
  2. Nominees must have taught at least nine credit hours at UPEI before the term in which they are nominated.
  3. Nominees must not have received a Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching within the past five years

The UPEI Hessian Merit Awards for Excellence in Teaching are adjudicated by the Hessian Merit Awards for Excellence in Teaching Committee, whose members are appointed by the Faculty Association Executive. The Committee comprises members from different academic areas of the university. Up to three awards for full- time faculty may be granted each
academic year (for a total of up to four full-time and sessional Hessian Awards), although the Committee may decide not to
grant an award in any particular year.

Full Time Faculty Guidelines & Nomination Forms

Hessian Award Guidelines – FULLTIME

Hessian Nomination Form FULLTIME

Sessional Faculty Guidelines and Nomination Form

Hessian Award Guidelines – SESSIONAL

Hessian Nomination Form SESSIONAL

Subcommittee Members

FA RoleNameDepartment & ContactTerm
ChairCatherine CreightonAVC
[email protected]
May 11 2023 – May 10, 2024
MemberSara SadriClimate Change
[email protected]
May 11, 2023 – May 10, 2024
MemberChristopher VesseySMCS
[email protected]
May 11, 2023 – May 10, 2024
MemberKatie MacDonaldAVC
[email protected]
May 11, 2023 – May 10, 2024
MemberEnooyaq SudlovenickIKERAS
[email protected]
May 11, 2023 – May 10, 2024
MemberMargaret BurnsNursing
[email protected]
May 11, 2023 – May 10, 2024

Past Recipients

Academic YearName of RecipientAcademic Unit
2022-2023Magdalena von Eccher
Libby Osgood
Carolyn Thorne
2021-2022Michael MacLellan
Heather Barnick
Dale Sorensen
Darlene Nuqingaq
Applied Human Sciences
Sociology and Anthropology
2020-2021Derek LawtherPhysics
2019-2020Susan Graham
Richard Raiswell
History & Classics
2018-2019David Hickey
Jennifer Taylor
Charlene VanLeeuwen (Sessional Award)
Applied Human Sciences
2017-2018Henrik Stryhn
Laurie Brinklow (Sessional Award)
Health Management, AVC
Island Studies
2016-2017Patrice Drake
Brenton Dickieson (Sessional Award)
Justin Gulati (Sessional Award)
Religious Studies & Inquiry Studies
Mathematical & Computational Sciences
2015-2016Cora Gilroy
James Moran
Bonnie Stewart (Sessional Award)
Christopher Vessey (Sessional Award)
Pathology and Microbiology, AVC
Mathematical & Computational Sciences
2014-2015H. Carolyn Peach Brown
Dany MacDonald
Marina Silva-Opps
Richard Covey (Sessional Award)
Environmental Studies
Applied Human Sciences
Past Hessian Teaching Award Recipients (1982/83 – Present) [PDF]