Contract Academic Faculty

UPEIFA Members Prioritize Fairness For Contract Academic Faculty

Supporting All Teaching Faculty Is Key To Preserving UPEI’s Educational Excellence

In recent years, UPEI has become increasingly reliant on exploitive short-term teaching contracts that offer poverty-level wages with no benefits and little to no teaching support. While we recognize the various pressures that come to bear on a university’s budget, we also assert that there is no excuse for the exploitation of one group of teachers. In a very real sense, UPEI’s many recent expansion projects have been paid for no the backs of our contract academic faculty members. This serves neither faculty nor students.

UPEIFA is bringing proposals to the table that would equalize pay and provide job security and benefits to part-time faculty who teach regularly, allowing them to focus on their students.

Proposals include:

  • Aligning the per-course pay of part-time faculty to be equal to that of full-time faculty.
  • Providing secure contracts for long-term part-time faculty, or those who teach full-year.
  • Offering pro-rated benefits to part-time faculty.
  • Increasing the amount of available funds for professional development and teaching materials.
  • Extending contract lengths to recognize work on course development and organization, and provide adequate time to prepare for teaching.

By bringing proposals for a fair deal for Contract Academic Faculty to the table, UPEIFA is Bargaining For A Better UPEI.