Professional Development Travel Reimbursement

What is Professional Development Travel Reimbursement (PDTR)?

Professional Development Travel Reimbursement (PDTR) are funds made available to assist individual faculty members and professional librarians in maintaining or improving their effectiveness as teachers and scholars. The PDTR rate is set at one thousand seven hundred dollars ($1700) per annum. (D.6.2)

Who receives PDTR funds?

Probationary and tenured Faculty Members and probationary and permanent Librarians and probationary and Term CNIs shall receive the Professional Development and Travel Reimbursement (PDTR). (D6.1)

Term Faculty Members and Term Librarians and Term CNIs with
appointments of eight (8) months or longer will be eligible to receive PDTR
pro-rated according to the term of employment.

Eligible Expenses

Expenses that can be claimed include but are not limited to:

  • travel and associated expenses related to meetings, conferences, study leave, or other similar professional activities;
  • registration fees and other expenses for meetings of learned societies, other professional organizations, workshops, seminars, and similar activities;
  • membership fees in learned societies and professional organizations;
  • books and subscriptions to scholarly journals;
  • expenses directly associated with teaching responsibilities or current active research or professional programs;
  • equipment or instruments, including computers and musical instruments;
  • Internet Access Service.