Anti-Racism Statement

The UPEI Faculty Association stands in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and
Persons of Colour (BIPOC) peoples who continue to experience institutionalized
violence. We condemn racism in all forms, including racism within our own campus
community. We further condemn the ongoing police brutality that is threatening and
taking the lives of our fellow citizens. We acknowledge that the University system
was built on racist ideals that uphold white supremacy, and that BIPOC students,
staff, and faculty continue to suffer harassment, injustice, and inequity on Canadian
campuses to this day.

Over the last weeks, we have watched with horror as members of BIPOC
communities have experienced racially motivated violence and murder.
We recognize that white supremacy and systemic racism do not stop at the border,
and that Canada is built on the same systems in which these acts of racism occur. The
ongoing deaths of Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour across Canada underline
yet again the urgent need for Canada and Canadians to address our continued
systemic racism.

The UPEI-FA affirms that we have a moral obligation to lead transformations in
equity, diversity and inclusion in the academy. We recognize that in order to achieve
change, this work must begin within the FA, and we commit to evaluating our own
organizational structures, and to actively incorporate anti-racist policies and practices.
We further commit to working with UPEI’s administration to evaluate how
systemic racism pervades our campus as a whole, and to continue to encourage
administration to actively incorporate anti-racist policies and practices into
curriculum, research, hiring and promotion.

We commit to supporting the experiences and voices of BIPOC members in
everything that we do as an organization.

We will listen. We will reflect. We will plan. We will act.