Territorial Acknowledgement

We begin by paying respect to the Mi’kmaq people of Abegweit in Mi’kma’ki. We acknowledge that Mi’kma’ki is the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people, who, in 1725 first signed the Treaties of Peace and Friendship with the British Crown. Those treaties did not deal with the surrender of lands and resources, but instead recognized Mi’kmaq title and negotiated a path toward an ongoing relationship between nations. We acknowledge we carry out our daily work in Mi’kma’ki.

We convey our respect to all indigenous peoples living in this region, to the knowledge keepers, and to their brave and resilient leaders, past and present.

We acknowledge that any efforts we make as a collegial Association towards creating a fairer and more just workplace for more people, and the efforts we make to recognize and ameliorate the conditions that perpetuate injustices among us, must begin by also recognizing the injustice that lies at the base of the place we live and work. And then, together, we move towards a more just world for all of us.