UPEI FA Member Survey

Take the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/upeifaFall2020Survey.

The context of Covid-19 has created a multitude of new demands on academic staff, professional staff, and librarians. The transition to online teaching seems to have increased the workload of many FA members. Unmet requests for increased supports and resources have produced frustrations for some. The ability to launch or continue research projects has proven challenging for some. And all of this has taken place in a context where concerns around health and safety – for ourselves, our colleagues, and our students – are ever-present in our minds. The FA Executive wants to understand the challenges you are facing in a more systematic way.

To that end, we are asking members to follow this link and complete a brief survey. The survey is anonymous, and the results will be used both to “take the pulse” of the membership, but also to hone the Executive’s advocacy efforts.

The survey opens Thursday, October 15th and will close Thursday, October 29th, at 5:00pm.

Did you Know – Oct 2020

  • That…Two of the eight members of the UPEI-FA Executive Committee are Contract Academic Staff members?
  • That…the FA provides financial compensation to Contract Academic Staff members who serve on its committees, recognizing the value of their labour?
  • That…the FA has long advocated that Contract Academic Staff members who provide service to
  • UPEI be compensated for their labour by the Employer?

Fair Employment Week: Oct 19-23, 2020

Fair Employment Week is CAUT’s annual campaign to raise awareness about precarious employment on campuses and support local organizing to improve the working conditions of contract academic staff. This year’s events will provide an opportunity for contract academic staff from across the country to come together virtually to network with one
another and discuss the issues they are facing. Online events are detailed below.

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