Welcome to the new UPEI Faculty Association Website!

Have a look around! We’ve spent some time working to make the new UPEIFA website more user-friendly and functional than in the past. We’re hoping you’ll visit the site often to stay apprised of news and events coming from the FA.

Also, please be patient as we work on updating content, documentation, and links. Speaking of, if you run across any inactive links or empty pages, drop us an email and let us know.

Chaplaincy Foodbank needs help!

Members of the Faculty Association are invited to assist with the campus Food Bank at the chaplaincy. This involves greeting students and supervising their collection of items in the Food Bank. You can sign up through the attached Google Sheets link click on the “monthly” tabs on the bottom.

Sister Sue Kidd will be in touch with you afterwards about the protocols that need to be followed.

Thank you!!

Dear FAbby…

Dear FAbby, a play on advice columns such as Dear Abby, will be a standard feature in the Microfibre. FAbby will answer questions that members pose about the collective agreement, members’ rights, or the context of work at UPEI. Here is the first installment.

Dear FAbby,
I have recently heard that a member was disciplined for something posted on their personal social media. Can the administration really do that?

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