The UPEIFA’s Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching Committee is currently calling for nominations for this award. Each nomination must be made collaboratively by three or more sponsors & should be sent ELECTRONICALLY and are due by noon on Monday, November 16, 2020.

Guidelines [Word] and Nomination Form [Word]

The Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Sessional Instructor honors a sessional instructor for outstanding performance in teaching. This award publicly acknowledges an individual whose work has contributed to instructional excellence at UPEI.

Nominees for the award should:

  • exhibit a comprehensive knowledge of the subject
  • be habitually well prepared for teaching sessions
  • have energy and enthusiasm for the subject and the capacity to arouse students’ interest in it
  • encourage student participation in the teaching and learning process
  • set a high standard and motivate students to attain that standard
  • communicate effectively at levels appropriate to students’ capacity
  • emphasize understanding of the subject over mere memorization (as appropriate) in evaluating student performance
  • be accessible to students outside the classroom
  • demonstrate excellence in teaching, including the use of innovative teaching techniques


  • Nominees must be sessional instructors at UPEI who are teaching during the current semester.
  • Nominees must have taught at least nine credit hours at UPEI before the term in which they are nominated.
  • Nominees must not have received a Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Sessional Instructor within the past five years.
  • Students are welcome to nominate for this award and the process involves a simple form and letters of support.

All nominations should be sent ELECTRONICALLY to the:

Chair, Hessian Merit Awards for Excellence in Teaching Committee:
c/o Faculty Association Office