The role of the FA Equity Committee is to promote and advocate for equity in its broadest sense through research and education, and work to advance equity issues in University and Association policies, practices and activities. Members this year were Ali Ahmadi, Susan Dawson, Gary Evans, Yuliya Rashchupkina, Margot Rejskind (Chair), Marva Sweeney-Nixon, and Omeasoo Wahpasiw.

This year was relatively quiet, mostly as a result of the increased workloads for many members. However, the committee did meet and make several recommendations to the FA executive Committee, including that the Joint Equity Committee (which had not met in some time) be revived with an eye to influencing the then-unreleased UPEI EDI Strategic Plan, which was done. We also recommended that the FA members of the JEC suggest to administration that an EDI “environmental scan” be undertaken as a first task of implementing the FA-relevant portions of the Strategic Plan. Finally, we sought to meet with our then-newly-appointed University EDI Officer to understand the scope of her position, and discuss how the FA and could work together; unfortunately, our request to meet was declined. 

The work of the Committee will gear up this coming year in preparation for for contract negotiations next spring, as we will work with the executive and the bargaining team to ensure that equity issues are addressed in our collective agreement. 

By Margot Rejskind (Chair)