The Joint Equity Committee met only a few times this year, owing in part to the pandemic, as well as various shifts in membership on the FA side. Members at this time were Ann Braithwaite, Sharon Myers (co-chair), and Margot Rejskind for the FA, and Nola Etkin, Kathy Gotschall-Pass (co-chair), and Ron MacDonald for Administration. Meetings in the Fall, previous to the change in committee membership, were focused on providing comment on early drafts of the UPEI EDI Strategic Plan. Although the final document is imperfect, we were pleased to see that some of the recommendations discussed were taken on, and overall the document provides a starting place for the work of promoting EDI for our members across campus.

 Recently, the FA Executive Committee took steps to more effectively align the membership of the Joint Equity Committee with that of the FA Equity Committee, passing a motion to make the Executive Committee Chair of the FA Equity Committee the automatic FA-side co-Chair of the JEC. This will hopefully assure effective communication between the two committees as well as between them and the EC, and ensure that they do not work at cross-purposes, or duplicate work between them.

By Margot Rejskind (Chair)