The role of the FA Equity Committee is to promote and advocate for equity in its broadest sense through research and education, and work to advance equity issues in University and Association policies, practices and activities. Members this year were Ann Braithwaite, Elizabeth Blake, Susan Dawson, Philippe Messier, Yuliya Rashchupkina, Margot Rejskind (Co-Chair), and Marva Sweeney-Nixon (Co-Chair).

The Equity Committee held a half-day retreat last summer to discuss issues of concern and priority, and made recommendations to the FA Executive Committee regarding bargaining priorities. The Committee will play a key role in negotiations providing comment and support on proposed language for the collective agreement. Finally, it is hoped that the current third-party investigation of harassment and sexual violence policies and procedures at UPEI will offer an opportunity to update these policies, and that the FA Equity Committee can play a role in developing new policies which can better reflect the needs of our members today and into the future.

By Margot Rejskind (Chair)