“To continue to be successful in my competitive field, my laboratory will need to publish lots…I worry that with the teaching loads at UPEI, the time spent away from these important tasks just means my laboratory will not remain competitive and all these years spent establishing my research career will be for nothing.”

FA Member

Research is an important component of the work FA members do at UPEI. However, as in other areas, we are seeing that a lack of investment in research by Administration is having a negative impact on our ability to effectively conduct research at UPEI. This is clearly demonstrated by the precipitous fall in research money brought in by UPEI researchers over the last decade:

In late summer and fall 2021, we met with several groups of researchers to understand their concerns and priorities for the next round of bargaining. Some of the impediments to research they identified include:

– High teaching loads/lack of course release 
– Long delays in reviewing research contracts 
– Overly burdensome procurement and HR processes
– Administrative unwillingness to accept even minor research risk
– Lack of investment in Library resources resulting in poor access to research literature
– Lack of investment in research infrastructure, even in cases when money for this purpose is included in the grant 

As the only University in the province, it is important that UPEI maintain its research capacity. Now is the time for us to work collectively to strengthen research supports for the benefit of all FA members, students, and wider Island community.

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