The University of Prince Edward Island Faculty Association (UPEIFA) stands in solidarity with
CUPE Ontario’s School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU). Furthermore, the UPEIFA
condemns any and all excessive government interference in collective bargaining.

Instead of negotiating a fair agreement, the Government of Ontario has chosen to legislate
away the union’s right to strike and impose a contract through Bill 28. With a 96.5% strike vote,
OBSCU members have made it clear where they stand. The UPEIFA supports the OBSCU’s
decision to conduct a province-wide political protest beginning Friday, November 4, 2022, and
continuing until Bill 28 is repealed.

By passing Bill 28 and invoking the notwithstanding clause, the Ontario government has
overridden and undermined fundamental rights guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and
. The Ontario government’s legislation to force education workers back to work is not
only unacceptable, but also an attack on all unions’ labour rights protected under the Charter.