Negotiations Update

On January 6, 2023, the UPEIFA received notification from Minster Bloyce Thompson (Economic Growth, Tourism, and Culture) that he is exercising his authority under the PEI Labour Act (s. 34) to appoint a mediator rather than permit the parties to return to direct negotiations.

The Minister’s letter is available here.

Pursuant to the Act, a mediator has fourteen (14) days to bring agreement about between the parties. Although Minister Thompson once again has discretion to extend these timelines, in light of our members’ constitutionally protected right to a meaningful process of collective bargaining, we strongly encourage him to defer to the legislated timeline.

As always, the UPEIFA is committed to reaching a fair and reasonable offer with the UPEI Board of Governors. We look forward to working with a skilled mediator and to seeing our employer make good faith efforts to address your significant concerns.


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