UPEIFA Secures Off-Campus Office for Headquarters

The University of Prince Edward Island Faculty Association, or UPEIFA, has established an off-campus office to serve as the association’s headquarters in the event that job action is necessary. The Charlottetown office, located at 92 Capital Dr. Unit 5 (formerly Combat Computers), will serve as the association’s headquarters to facilitate the daily activities of conducting job action, such as picket line organization.

The Faculty Association’s office on UPEI’s campus will be closed during any job action. 

The UPEIFA has spent over 100 hours at the negotiations table, followed by 4 months in conciliation and has just concluded 2 full days of government-mandated mediation. Unfortunately, the UPEI Board of Governors continues to assert that the existing state of affairs at UPEI is sufficient and that the Association’s concerns regarding equity and fairness, accountability, and transparency, and collegial governance, working conditions, and compensation are unwarranted. 

The UPEIFA represents over 400 faculty members, librarians, sessional instructors, clinical nursing instructors and clinical veterinary professionals. More information about the UPEIFA negotiations is available https://upeifa.ca/negotiations-2022-2/.

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