Strike Preparations

To receive strike pay, eligible FA Members need to complete a survey. Please check your UPEI email for the link.

Please note that this survey is in addition to the previous survey that was used to schedule picketing. If you did not complete that survey, please reach out to Ann Braithwaite ([email protected]).

Strike Preparations

Click here for some useful tips for preparing for a strike.

In addition to these tips, we encourage FA members to download any tax forms (i.e. T4) they may require to prepare their taxes prior to March 19th.

FA Members who are eligible for supplemental health care benefits and have a balance in their health spending account (HSA) should consider applying for a reimbursement. Keep in mind that employee supplemental health premiums are eligible for reimbursement. Contact Medavie Blue Cross to learn more about this option.

To download the HSA claim form, click here.

Strike Pay

The UPEIFA is a member of the CAUT Defence Fund. The primary purpose of this Fund is to provide strike benefits to an academic staff association while its Members are engaged in a strike or lock-out. With the assistance of this Fund, Members shall receive, subject to certain eligibility criteria, strike pay benefits from the Association. The Association will also arrange for a loan from the CAUT Defence Fund to cover the share of insured benefits premiums for the duration of the strike or lock-out that are normally paid by FA Members.

In order to receive strike pay, Members must perform strike duty and they must not accept remuneration from the Employer for that bargaining unit work during the strike period. Primarily, this means that Members will be expected to participate in picketing in accordance with an established schedule. In some instances, alternate duties may be assigned. 

To be eligible for strike pay, an FA Member must be receiving compensation from our employer at the time that the strike is called.

Strike pay will not be provided to any FA Member who:

  • crosses the picket line, except as permitted by the Memorandum of Agreement on Proper Animal Care or as approved by the Strike Adjudication Committee
  • who does not participate in strike duty
  • who accepts remuneration from the Employer for that bargaining unit work during the strike period 

Please click the link at the top of this message to register to receive strike pay in the event of job action. We ask that you complete this no later than Tuesday, March 14.

Strike – Services to be Withheld

During a strike, it is critical that all FA Members, with exceptions as described herein, cease to provide all services that are part of their normal responsibilities and duties to the University. The more effectively these services are withheld, the more likely the Employer will be compelled to reach an agreement.

Therefore, in the event of a strike by the Association, all Members will be expected to withdraw ALL services that they provide to the UniversityConsistent with our responsibilities and duties, these services are chiefly in the areas of teaching, advising, research, scholarship, creative activities, professional activities and service.

Services to be withdrawn include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • all undergraduate and graduate teaching in both on- and off-campus locations;
  • clinical teaching or routine advising of graduate students, residents or interns;
  • teaching in continuing education programs provided by the University;
  • consultation with undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents or interns in all areas related to teaching functions by telephone, email or other means;
  • supervision of undergraduate and graduate students in off-campus facilities, such as for internships; 
  • all research or scholarly activities;
  • all university, clinical, diagnostic, professional or ambulatory services in both on- and off-campus locations;
  • all services provided by academic librarians;
  • participation on all University committees or on non-University committees where the Member is a designated representative of the University;
  • provision of routine elective care of animals in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and other such services not covered by the Memorandum of Agreement on Proper Animal Care

Should any Member have any questions or concerns regarding whether or not a certain activity would be considered a service to be withdrawn, they should contact the Strike Adjudication Committee ([email protected]) immediately for direction.

It will not be possible for the Employer to bring together enough qualified people from outside the relevant bargaining unit to carry on business as usual while the Association is on strike. Simply withdrawing our services will effectively shut down the University and encourage our employer to negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement that is acceptable to all the parties.

Our employer will notify the UPEIFA if FA Members accept remuneration for work completed during job action.

Strike Adjudication Committee

The members of the UPEIFA Strike Adjudication Committee are:

  • Mike Arfken
  • Carolyn Peach-Brown
  • Bill Whelan

Please send all strike adjudication questions to [email protected]

Strike Duty

Many of you recently completed a strike duty survey. If you did not complete that survey but plan to participate in strike duty, please reach out to Ann Braithwaite (Chair, UPEIFA Job Action Committee) to discuss your availability:

[email protected]

UPEI Faculty Association

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