New Collective Agreements (BU#1 & BU#2)

After UPEIFA members and the UPEI Board of Governors ratified the collective agreement, there was a period of reconciliation to ensure that the parties were in agreement on the final language. Last week, UPEI Administration indicated that if we wished to have the new salary scales implemented by the next payday (Friday, April 28), this process would need to be concluded by this Tuesday.

After much work by your negotiations team, the final language was recently approved by the UPEIFA Executive Committee. Links to the new collective agreements (with changes in bold) are available here:

BU#1 [PDF]

BU#2 [PDF]

As with any new collective agreement, there will be challenging work ahead implementing these changes. We will have more to say about this in the days and weeks ahead. Rest assured that in the time between bargaining, we will have access to grievance/arbitration procedures (F-2) to settle these disputes.

In the meantime, UPEIFA members should be proud of what they accomplished. With the support of our colleagues from across the country, local labour organizations, UPEI students, and the Island community, we’ve made significant gains to improve our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions.

In the face of tremendous pressure, together we held firm and reached a fair and reasonable negotiated settlement.

Let’s keep building a better UPEI!


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