The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Defence Fund ( has voted unanimously to provide the UPEI Faculty Association with funding to support a legal challenge to the PEI Government’s unprecedented interference in collective bargaining. UPEI and the Faculty Association (FA) have been in negotiations for a new contract since April. In August, having made no meaningful progress, the FA filed for concili collective bargaining, by appointing a neutral third-party to efficiently and effectively clarify

On CBC's Compass, Kerry Campbell provides a report on UPEI's third party external review that was commissioned over a year ago. The Faculty Association's VP, Margot Rejskind, is interviewed for the story.

UPEI Faculty association logo combined with WE are UPEI slogan

Are you frustrated with the status of negotiations? Send Minister Bloyce Thompson a letter with your thoughts! The UPEI Faculty Association has drafted the letters below to make it easier for you all to send a letter at this busy time of year. Send your letter to Minister Bloyce Thompson at: [email protected]  And see here for a list of all the MLAs, to find the contact information for yours so you can cc them on

Honorable Bloyce Thompson in a navy blue suite answering a question in the legislature.

Trish Altass, member of the official opposition of PEI, asking a question about UPEI's conciliation process during Tuesday's Question Period in the Legislature (video is 1 min, 35 sec, approx.)