Email Minister Bloyce Thompson or your MLA about UPEI FA Negotiations

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PEI Opposition Inquires about Conciliation in the Legislature

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Negotiations Update

Over the last few weeks, you have received a number of emails from UPEI Administration suggesting that there has been


The University of Prince Edward Island Faculty Association (UPEIFA) stands in solidarity withCUPE Ontario’s School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU).

Members support motions at October 28th meeting

The UPEIFA members met for a Negotiations General Meeting on Friday, October 28 (2:00p-4:00p) and unanimously passed the following motions:

We Are UPEI: What Are We Bargaining For?

.p-t4u5413 .pagelayer-video-overlay i{color:#0986c0;font-size:80px} UPEIFA Members Concerned About Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Association Proposals Would Advance Efforts to Make UPEI An

Week 8 – We Are UPEI

We are UPEI UPEI Faculty Association members are teachers, researchers, nurses, emergency vets, and librarians. We take pride in our

Week 7 – Collegial Governance

“There is no formula around how much money one department gets vs. another, it’s at the whim of Administration. It

Week 6 – Research at UPEI

“To continue to be successful in my competitive field, my laboratory will need to publish lots…I worry that with the