2021-2022 President’s Report

I’m pleased to welcome you to the 2022 UPEIFA Annual General Meeting (AGM). It has certainly been an eventful year

2021-2022 Social Committee Report

This year, the following FA Members served on the Social Committee: Michael Arfken (Co-Chair)Laurie Brinklow (Co-Chair)Pamela Bastante (Member-at-Large)Raquel Hoersting (Member-at-Large)Martha

2021-2022 Communications Committee Report

This year, the following FA Members served on the Communications Committee: Michael Arfken (Co-Chair)Kim Mears (Co-Chair)David Hickey (Member-at-Large)Ariana Patey (Member-at-Large)Nia

2021-2022 Awards & Scholarships Committee Report

The Awards and Scholarships Committee oversees awards and scholarships that are sponsored and co-sponsored by the Faculty Association, as well

2021-2022 Research & Advocacy Committee Report

According to its formal mandate, the UPEIFA Research and Advocacy Committee is: “tasked by the Executive with completing research and

2021-2022 Equity Committee Report

The role of the FA Equity Committee is to promote and advocate for equity in its broadest sense through research

Week 4 – Chairs & Coordinators

Department Chairs & Coordinators “Everyone understands that becoming Chair means giving up on research, and giving up on promotion"- FA Member As part

Week 3 – Contract Academic Staff

A Tale Of Three Professors “We have to face the real issue that affects all teaching staff at UPEI: that the

Week 2 – UPEI by the Numbers

“They won’t hire tenure-track and we can’t find sessionals. We all end up taking overloads year after year just to