We Are UPEI: What Are We Bargaining For?

.p-t4u5413 .pagelayer-video-overlay i{color:#0986c0;font-size:80px} UPEIFA Members Concerned About Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Association Proposals Would Advance Efforts to Make UPEI An

Week 8 – We Are UPEI

We are UPEI UPEI Faculty Association members are teachers, researchers, nurses, emergency vets, and librarians. We take pride in our

Week 7 – Collegial Governance

“There is no formula around how much money one department gets vs. another, it’s at the whim of Administration. It

Week 6 – Research at UPEI

“To continue to be successful in my competitive field, my laboratory will need to publish lots…I worry that with the

Week 5 – Librarians

Librarians “To do effective research, you need access to research… you can’t have an excellent University without an excellent Library.”- FA MemberUPEI’s

2021-2022 President’s Report

I’m pleased to welcome you to the 2022 UPEIFA Annual General Meeting (AGM). It has certainly been an eventful year

2021-2022 Social Committee Report

This year, the following FA Members served on the Social Committee: Michael Arfken (Co-Chair)Laurie Brinklow (Co-Chair)Pamela Bastante (Member-at-Large)Raquel Hoersting (Member-at-Large)Martha

2021-2022 Communications Committee Report

This year, the following FA Members served on the Communications Committee: Michael Arfken (Co-Chair)Kim Mears (Co-Chair)David Hickey (Member-at-Large)Ariana Patey (Member-at-Large)Nia

2021-2022 Awards & Scholarships Committee Report

The Awards and Scholarships Committee oversees awards and scholarships that are sponsored and co-sponsored by the Faculty Association, as well