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The University of Prince Edward Island Faculty Association, or UPEIFA, has established an off-campus office to serve as the association’s headquarters in the event that job action is necessary. The Charlottetown office, located at 92 Capital Dr. Unit 5 (formerly Combat Computers), will serve as the association’s headquarters to facilitate the daily activities of conducting job action, such as picket line organization. The Faculty Association’s office on UPEI’s campus will be closed during any job

Minister Bloyce Thompson has notified the UPEI Board of Governors and the UPEI Faculty Association that government mediation has come to an end. The Minister’s letter is available here and the mediator’s report is available here. To discuss the next steps in collective bargaining, we have scheduled an online FA Negotiations Update for Friday, February 10 (2:00p-4:00p). Registration is required. To register for the meeting, please click here

Friday, February 3, 2023Fox and Crow4:00pmAwards will begin at 4:15pm Join us in Celebrating our Incredible Student Award Recipients!There will be complimentary appetizers and drinks. We cannot wait to celebrate with you! 

Negotiations Update

On January 6, 2023, the UPEIFA received notification from Minster Bloyce Thompson (Economic Growth, Tourism, and Culture) that he is exercising his authority under the PEI Labour Act (s. 34) to appoint a mediator rather than permit the parties to return to direct negotiations. The Minister’s letter is available here. Pursuant to the Act, a mediator has fourteen (14) days to bring agreement about between the parties. Although Minister Thompson once again has discretion to extend these timelines, in