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Strike Update

Yesterday, FA members walked out of their classrooms, laboratories, and offices to facilitate a negotiated settlement to address the systemic issues that continue to threaten the educational quality of our institution. Seventeen years to the day since FA members last collectively withheld their labour as part of a meaningful process of collective bargaining, FA members made it clear that the stakes for our students and our institution are simply too high to miss this moment.

Strike Update

In response to our multiple requests for the UPEI Board of Governors’ availability to meet to negotiate a collective agreement, the Board has indicated that because we were unable to achieve a collective agreement in the last 11 months, it sees no reason to schedule additional negotiations meetings to avoid or minimize a labour disruptionGoing forward, the Board has made it clear that it expects negotiations to proceed exclusively via email. Why they’ve decided at

Today, the UPEI Board of Governors finally openly expressed in its message to the campus community what has been apparent from its behaviour over the last 11-months: that it has little interest in working with the UPEI Faculty Association to negotiate a fair and reasonable collective agreement. While it is true that the Board sent 10 new proposals to the UPEIFA on the evening of Friday March 10, few of these proposals provide meaningful movement on your bargaining priorities. Yet it is also

Today, UPEI Administration once again provided the university community with an update on their view of the status of negotiations. We think it is important to draw attention to several aspects of this message. To begin with, in place of UPEI Administration’s original commitment to pursuing “any avenue” (Feb. 15) to reach a settlement, this new message makes clear their preference for a narrow range of “offered options” and their strong preference for interest arbitration.