Nomination deadline for Master’s & Doctoral Medals – October 1, 2020

The Faculty Association recognizes the excellence of our graduate students by awarding the FA Master’s and Doctoral Medals each year. Please consider nominating a graduate student this year.

The deadline for nomination packages is OCTOBER 1, 2020.

Information on the award criteria and guidelines for the submission package can be found here on the UPEIFA website.  Documents should be sent to These graduate student awards are adjudicated by the Faculty Association’s Scholarly Achievement Awards Sub-committee. If you are interested in serving on this sub-committee, please contact Charlene VanLeeuwen, Chair of the FA Awards and Scholarships Committee at

Memo to all Members: Intellectual Property And Privacy

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Prince Edward Island Senate has elected to adopt a hybrid or blended approach to teaching for the spring, summer, and fall semesters of 2020. 

For many of us, this will mean we will be teaching online. The “newness” of this for many has provoked a number of questions about Intellectual Property (IP) rights and privacy rights.  Download the memo below for guidance on issues of intellectual property and privacy.

Chaplaincy Foodbank needs help!

Members of the Faculty Association are invited to assist with the campus Food Bank at the chaplaincy. This involves greeting students and supervising their collection of items in the Food Bank. You can sign up through the attached Google Sheets link click on the “monthly” tabs on the bottom.

Sister Sue Kidd will be in touch with you afterwards about the protocols that need to be followed.

Thank you!!

Dear FAbby…

Dear FAbby, a play on advice columns such as Dear Abby, will be a standard feature in the Microfibre. FAbby will answer questions that members pose about the collective agreement, members’ rights, or the context of work at UPEI. Here is the first installment.

Dear FAbby,
I have recently heard that a member was disciplined for something posted on their personal social media. Can the administration really do that?

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